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Kids Kurta UK has been founded by mothers for mothers.  Fusing the cultures together and finding beautiful traditional clothes for our children proves to be difficult.  At Kids Kurta UK we hope to bring the best of the East to the modern, stylish, and fashion-forward younger generations in the West.

Having struggled with our own children as they were growing up, we understand the limit of choices that are available in the UK in terms of traditional, decent, modest yet fashionable garments.  Our aim is to ease that burden for you!

All our garments are hand-selected and chosen as clothes that we would dress our own children in!

The biggest and most important checklist item is what we call the "itch factor".  Our clothes have to be comfortable enough so the worms don't wriggle! we choose the "non-itchy" clothes for our little darlings!

We hope you enjoy shopping with us, and would love any feedback, suggestions or even photos for our gallery.


WE also deal in wholesale. 


please get in touch for more info.  Fill the form below or email - info@kidskurta.co.uk

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